What Makes Chocoelf Chocolates Special

Infused with passion - that is what distinguishes Chocoelf chocolates. 

Each Chocoelf praline, truffle or bar is carefully conceptualised by our Chocoelf chocolatiers. Not many know this, but before each chocolate reach our customers, numerous rounds of R&D and taste tests are conducted to get the perfect taste. So we pride ourselves as makers of not just lovely, but also delicious chocolates.

All our Chocoelf chocolates are freshly handmade using preservative-free, low-sugar and even sugar-free recipes. We favor real and natural ingredients over synthetic flavorings, simply because natural ingredients are healthier and taste better. We believe there can be no substitute for good quality.

Innovation is key to Chocoelf's creative flair of chocolates. Only at Chocoelf will you find one-of-a-kind chocolate creations such as sugar-free chocolate mooncakes and story-telling pralines like the Lion Series. 

The Idea Of Chocoelf

Those familiar with Chocoelf will remember it as the brainchild of two founders – One, a chocolatier and the other, a medical doctor. Both are professionals in their own fields, so what brought them together?

When asked, the replies from both founders are unanimous - It is the simple love and passion for chocolates that gave birth to Chocoelf.

How did this passion come about?

The Passion Behind Chocoelf

Madam Josephine Lee

Many years ago, while she was a 5-star hotel pastry chef, Josephine chose to specialize in chocolates. With numerous accolades under her belt, and more than 10 years of chocolate-making experience, Josephine’s dream is to share the style and magic of Singapore’s very own Chocoelf chocolates with the rest of the world.

“The creativity behind the art of chocolate is vast and endless. I can be like a Picasso when I create my chocolates.”

Doctor Joe Lee

While he was a pediatrics intern, Dr Joe witnessed how chocolates brought comfort and joy to a sickly child. Fascinated, he spent years learning about chocolates. By infusing novel health concepts into chocolates, he hopes to spread the magic of Chocoelf chocolates to more people.

“Making chocolates itself is therapeutic, and the joy of seeing someone smile after eating the chocolate you just made is simply immense.”

Company History

Chocoworks Pte Ltd (Chocoélf) specializes in the production and sale of premium gourmet chocolate products. Since our company’s incorporation on 1st November 2004, Chocoworks has been providing high quality chocolate products to our customers under the trademarked brand name Chocoélf. Our dream is to offer “Health-friendly Chocolate Delights to People of All Ages”.

“The Story of Chocoélf” embodies the spirit of chocolates and deeply reflects our company’s philosophy. Passion before Profit. We believe the Magic of Chocolates can be used to spread joy and bring different people closer together. That is why we invite all Chocoelf's customers to enjoy the Pure Magic in Every Box.

Since our start until now, we have witnessed many joyous events that took place over a box of Chocoelf’s chocolates. From birthdays, baby showers, marriage proposals, reunions, weddings to well wishes and sincere business handshakes. Seeing how our chocolates can make a difference is what brings smiles to our Chocoelf team and really brighten our days.

In order to bring good chocolates to both young and old, and folks from all walks of life, we need our chocolates to be delicious yet health-friendly. And to do that, we need to make all our chocolates fresh, using preservative-free, low-sugar and even sugar-free recipes. Thankfully, our chocolate products have been well-received by our customers, both Singaporeans and foreigners alike.

By offering both quality and innovative chocolate products that are in line with our company’s firm belief in health-friendly chocolates, Chocoélf has built up a strong reputation amongst chocolate consumers and connoisseurs alike. To help us spread the joy of chocolates, we have developed links with various corporate partners. And these include financial institutions such as UBS AG, ABN AMRO Bank, DBS Bank, and Maybank, insurance companies such as AIA, listed-companies such as SIA, SingTel, ComfortDelgro and community organizations such as Scottish-based St Andrew’s Society.

Chocoworks Pte Ltd has been HACCP certified since 2007. This is a testament to our pride behind the high quality and standards of our chocolate works.