No. There is no need to create any special shopping account to buy our chocolates. However, we need you to provide the following information: name, contact number, email address, shipping address and billing information in order to provide the services you have requested.

Please let us know as soon as possible. We will immediately resolve any problems should they arise. If you want to place an order and an error is preventing this, we will be happy to accept your order over the telephone.

Our online ordering system does not cater for selection of each individual chocolate. The assortment you receive will be what is freshly made by our Chocoelf Chocolatiers. However, if there is any particular chocolate that you really want, do make an indication at the REMARKS column before you check out.

Yes you can. The assortment of pralines offered online are specially prepared by our Chocoelf Chocolatiers. At the product page of our online shop, we encourage our customers to indicate their preferences for the types of chocolate they like (ie dark, milk or white) and the types of flavour they prefer (ie fruits or nuts). This will allow our Chocoelf Chocolatiers to prepare a special balanced assortment for you tailored to your tastebuds. For customers who have no special preferences, we will pack your chocolates according to our Master Chocoelf Chocolatier’s fresh recommendations for that day.

Yes, we accept orders from all the methods mentioned. Direct internet order will assure you fast service. Information such as product details and pricing are available on our website. You are welcome to call us at +65-67755117 or email to us at info@chocoworks.com for more information.

We need an average of 4 working days to process your order. Customers will be informed by phone or email if the delivery time is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. We seek our customers’ understanding during such an event. At Chocoelf, we always do our best to make sure all the chocolates are delivered fresh into our customers’ hands.

Of course you can. All you need to do is indicate your request in the REMARKS column while checking out from your shopping cart. We will do our best to deliver according to your requests. But do understand that this may not be possible if your order comes in less than 4 working days from the requested shipping date.

We are not able to deliver the chocolates according to specific times. For Singapore orders, the chocolate deliveries will  reach our customers by afternoon.


Chocoelf accepts payment via Pay-Pal and ENETS for online orders. Bank transfers are acceptable for phone, fax and email orders.

Each Coupon or Gift Voucher issued by Chocoelf will have a unique number. Enter this number into the Coupon field at the Payment Page to enjoy your privilege.


 For Singapore, our trained chocolate delivery men will send the chocolates to the shipping address you have given us using cold vehicles. For overseas orders, chocolates will be air-flown to the destination country.

 For Singapore orders, the chocolates will reach you on the very same day after we have completed your order (4 working days are needed to process each order).

Chocoelf ships within Singapore. Customers are encouraged to make separate arrangements for overseas deliveries.

The best way to maintain the freshness of your chocolates is to store them in a cool and dry environment, ideally between 18-20 deg C. An air-conditioned environment is usually adequate. If you want to refrigerate the chocolates, we recommend sealing the chocolates in an airtight container, or perhaps a ziploc bag, to prevent excessive moisture from damaging the chocolate.. Good chocolates with high cocoa butter content tend to turn soft at room temperature. So please handle the chocolates with care under these conditions.


Chocoelf utilizes secure 128-bit SSL for online credit card transactions. Chocoelf.com will not keep traces or records of credit card numbers. A 4 number suffix (last 4 numbers) may be used to refer to your payment only if required. All online transactions are processed by our professional and enterprise grade payment processors to ensure top security and genunity of the user’s information.


The easiest way to find what you’re looking for is to search for it. The ‘Search’ box is on the left of every page, at the top, below the orange navigation bar. Simply type the title of what you are looking for into the search box (located at the top center area) and click ‘Search’. If you don’t find what you want straight away, here are a few tips:

  • Keep it simple
  • Best results are often obtained if you enter just one or two key words. Try using the least common words. (Don’t use words like ‘the’, ‘and’, ‘a’, etc. which will produce many results.) Recommended keywords: Pralines, Truffles, Gifts.
  • Don’t worry about punctuation
  • Adding punctuation is not necessary when searching. The chocoelf.com search engine will reveal the same results ‘proper punctuation’ or not.